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Think like a CIO to ensure their buy-in when purchasing a new marketing automation platform.

CMO's Guide

When looking for a new marketing automation system, the CMO needs to make sure that they have the CIO on board. Without support from the technical chief, it is unlikely that you will get the marketing solution you need to support your marketing goals.

So how do you get the CIO on board with your marketing automation plans? Especially when you need to link your new marketing platform to other systems the CIO manages?

“46% of companies surveyed say that disconnected systems/technologies prevent them from integrating email fully with other business functions.”

Email Marketing Industry Census 2014

What does a CIO think about?

Knowing how your CIO thinks will help you better approach the thorny subject of software purchasing. When buying software, your CIO will typically be concerned about:

“IT budgets are expected to grow 4.7%, while all marketing budgets, in general, are predicted to grow 9%.”

Laura McLellan, Gartner analyst

“70% of IT spending is on maintaining and upgrading existing systems. This leaves only 30% for new systems.”

Peter Burris, Forrester Research analyst

If you can answer these questions before approaching the CIO, you have a much better chance of securing their support for your software choice.

Remember: make the CIO’s life easier

Knowing the CIO’s concerns before beginning the process of investigating potential marketing automation solutions will help ensure that you pick a platform likely to garner their support.

“You and your CIO need to have alignment on a joint vision for customers and focus on them. Those CMOs who choose to ignore this and go it alone do so at their own peril.”

Sheryl Pattek, Forrester Research analyst

Now you understand the CIO’s concerns, how do you choose the software your team really needs? Find out in our free eGuide: All-in-one vs. best-of-breed: what software does a CMO’s team really need?