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In the age of shrinking attention spans and short punchy content, we’ve decided to bring you a new type of weekly posts.

Stats and numbers are a great way to take the pulse of an industry, evaluate a tactic or solution and grab attention in a presentation. That’s why I’m going to start sharing a helpful chart every week that can inform you or help you support an argument. To start with, we have a beefy one from the IDM and Adestra’s joint report The State of Digital Personalisation in 2016.

Are you collecting too much, too little, the right or the wrong type of data? When we asked marketers just like you, it transpired that name, postal address and mobile phone are the most common types of collected. This might not come as a surprise, but the fact that the date of birth is collected by 37 percent of marketers and not used for personalization by 74 percent is astonishing considering how easy an automated birthday campaign is to setup.


In addition, with data regulations becoming stricter (such as GDPR in Europe), collecting data from your subscribers ‘just in case you ever need it’ is likely to become a compliance risk. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t justify collecting it (a case that’s hard to make if you’re not actively using the data), you shouldn’t do it.


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