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It’s no secret by now that confidence in email marketing is growing among practitioners in all sectors.

The email address has been referred to as ‘the most valuable piece of data’ marketers can hold, or ‘the passport to the digital world’, and it’s going from strength to strength. As we examined email performance across six key sectors in 2016, Print, Publishing and Media seemed to have the key to success.

With considerable increases in performance assessment, this sector was not only most likely to rate it as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, it has also experienced the highest uplift: 26 percentage points.

2016 Sector Census mobile

Print, Publishing and Media was also the star sector in three other categories:

  1. Big Data in email – they are using the most number of additional services from their ESP including: measurement and analytics, personalisation, automated campaigns, mobile device recognition, deliverability audit and analysis, and email data provision.
  2. Mobile optimisation – 33% of respondents have a ‘very’ or ‘quite advanced’ strategy
  3. ESP love – 69% of respondents responded positively