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The media has proclaimed every year for the past five or so as the ‘year of mobile’ so perhaps we would be better off calling it the ‘decade of mobile’ or ‘era of mobile’.

With steady growth in many areas including email opens, it seems like mobile growth is starting to slow down.

Our email client split chart shows that mobile opens reached an all-time high of 68% during December 2016 and actually haven’t been that high since. You can check our Top 10 Email Clients page that we update at the beginning of every month with the previous month’s stats.

Email client split 2016

Comparing the spectacular 30% growth in mobile opens during 2015 to the more modest 19% growth in 2016 signals that this will likely peak in 2017 or possibly the following year. What’s also interesting is that 55.9% of total opens are driven by iOS devices, which is great news for email designers as the native iOS email client renders many of the innovative CSS techniques showcased in the marketing media.