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With shrinking budgets and higher targets, marketers are under more pressure than ever to spend their time and resources wisely.

We asked 1,200 marketers how many hours they spend on specific email-related activities and the results were not what we expected. By far the biggest task sucking up their time is Design and Content with 45% of in-house marketers spending between two and eight hours on it and a further 16% spend more than eight hours.

2017 Census time spent email activities

I know it’s important to optimise your message and use design to really bring it to life. However, reporting, strategy and planning should be just as high on marketers’ priority lists. Curiously, 27% of company respondents indicated that they spend no time on mobile optimisation. In the age of the on-the-go consumer, we hope that is because mobile optimisation is already integrated in their template or editing suite, not because they are ignoring it.

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