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With many of the email campaigns that end up in my personal inbox having some form of encouragement to share key messages on social media, I’m not surprised if the title of this post caught you off guard as well.

It turns out social sharing might be popular in niche markets, but marketers need to think twice before focusing too much on it in their day-to-day email strategy. Only 14% of the consumers we surveyed in the recent 2017 Consumer Digital Usage and Behavior Study indicated that they would share email messages on social networks, making the other 86% not likely or simply uninterested.

2017 Consumer Report sharing social media

How likely are you to share messages from marketing/advertising emails on your social networks?

That’s not to say social media and email marketing can’t be used together successfully to enhance results. On the contrary, you’ll find this British car dealer generated over £26K worth of revenue from a targeted approach! It simply means that you need to rethink the way you approach the cross-channel strategy to take advantage of each channel’s strengths. You can find more tips on that in our eGuide.

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