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Our 2016 Consumer Report threw the press into a stir when we revealed email is the number one channel consumers prefer to use to receive communications from brands– including teens and Millennials.

While the 2017 research also supports that view, it then goes on to point out that 14-18 year-olds are not easily deceived and know the value of their data.

Unless your brand can demonstrate real benefits in exchange for their email address, teens have a separate address for those communications they never intend to open. Here’s the breakdown across age groups:

Consumer separate email address

Do you have a specific separate email address used exclusively for emails you rarely intend to open?

Making the benefits and value of your communications immediately apparent is crucial to justify receiving your customers’ primary email address. Teens are the high spenders of tomorrow as they move into the job market and up the career ladder, so you need to address this now.

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