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With the return of The Great British Bake Off my Tuesday nights are now taken up with an hour of watching people stress over how long their dough has been proving, and whether or not their muffins are evenly baked. Email marketers can also be taking lessons from it though: to paraphrase Mary Berry, “we’re looking for taste, aesthetics and originality“ – and so are your subscribers!

You’ve carefully collected your data, planned your launch times”¦ so don’t let your readers lose interest now!

Great taste = good content

Strawberries on top of a cake

We all love a good cake, and a good email

Have you got something worth saying? Making sure your emails always have great content, and aren’t just space-fillers is key to ensuring your subscribers keep on opening – who goes back for seconds of a plain white loaf when there’s a triple chocolate gateau on offer next door?

People unsubscribe because they get bored of the same regurgitated content – so lose the “˜waffle’ (sorry!) and make sure you’re emails are always top quality.


Does your email look good? Or are people struggling to see the crème patissiere for the cheesecake? Emails need to be eye-catching, laid out in a logical way (with your key call-to-action included in the preview pane) and perhaps most importantly, easy to read. If they’re not, consider whether you can change the length of copy, layout or even the colours used to optimise the email experience. If you have a lot of mobile readers remember that font size is important too, especially on smaller mobile screens.

After all your hard work, don’t tempt people to unsubscribe now for the sake of making an email just a little easier on the eye.


Decorative chocolate cake

Do your campaigns look good enough to eat?

Are you offering something a little bit different? It doesn’t need to be as complex as bread in the shape of “˜Paul the octopus’ (yes, that actually happened), but a creative flavour here and there will certainly help you to stand out in the inbox, define your brand and distinguish yourself from your competitors. What are you able to offer that no one else is, and have you made this clear in your emails?

So next time Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are on your screens, look past the cupcakes and see how you can make your emails into winning show stoppers.

Have you seen any really tasty campaigns? Let us know in the comments.