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Last Friday, I attended a gala event at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on behalf of Adestra – the annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

We were in the house because we submitted our entire Customer Service department for the judges’ consideration, going up against heavy hitters like Dell. The great news is that we scored a bronze medal for Customer Service Department of the Year in Computer Services!

What it means for Adestra, for our employees and for our clients is more than just another medal for our crowded trophy case.

Everybody in the email industry (and frankly, it’s not unique to email) says they have the best customer service. The key is having other people tell you that you’re the best. The most powerful endorsement is having our clients, partners and experts in customer service validate our service.

Why service rules for Adestra

For 13 years, the team at Adestra have obsessively dedicated ourselves to helping our clients succeed. We believe service is important enough to be held to external standards and evaluation, to have other people assess our practices and tell us what’s right and where we need to improve.

Today, more than ever in email history, marketers need help being successful. We are proud to support our clients’ success in everything from becoming First-Person Marketers to getting their email campaigns out the door.

Thanks to every Adestra employee, client, and partner who worked to make us the company we are today. On behalf of all our employees, our moms and dads, husbands, wives, partners and families, I would also like to thank Henry Hyder-Smith and Steve Denner for instilling a great mission and values for the company when they founded Adestra 13 years ago.

And now they’re playing me offstage. Thanks to everyone who helped us win the Stevie, and see you next year!