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With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been signing up to just about every newsletter around in a last ditch attempt to find the “˜perfect’ gift.  Needless to say, I’m still lacking a little in the inspiration department, but all this signing up got me to thinking about the customer journey and how companies go about this in order to drive their customers to conversion.

Marketing Sherpa’s latest findings show that automated “˜welcome’ emails are being sent by more than 60% of email marketers and 50% are sending triggered “˜thank you’ emails. So what does this mean for us and how should we go about increasing conversion through the automation of our emails?

Be welcoming

An automated welcome email is a great way of enforcing brand awareness and gives prospects a real insight into how you are going to treat them should they convert and become a customer. The very first email you send your prospects should clearly define your brand and show the recipient what you’re all about. Think about asking your contact for their email preferences i.e. what they really want to hear about so that subsequent emails can be really targeted and therefore successful.

Send a thank you

‘Thanks ever so much for purchasing our super cool product’. Easy.

Well, quite easy. Triggering an email that not only thanks your customer for their purchase but that asks for feedback is a great way of engaging with the recipient and lets them know that you care about their experience. Why not consider asking for product feedback or instead focus on customer service and ask your customer to rate their “˜journey’ with you so far.

Opportunities for cross and up sell

Your thank you email is a also a great place to promote other products and suggest similar products/ news that may be of interest to the customer, so why not include some click throughs to these web pages or a click through back to your main site?

Send them a reminder

We’ve all been there; after months of trawling the web for that special something, we find it”¦only to be distracted by something much more exciting, like cheese. So, what happens to that conversion? Well, I don’t convert and you don’t get my business. So, how can we pull people back round to the purchase they were about to make? Why, a trigger email of course! Using Adestra’s Conversion Capture facility is a great way of triggering an email to the person in question and reminding them of what they were looking at and also encouraging them to go back to the page to complete their transaction. Conversion Capture allows an email to be sent from your Message Focus account at a time decided by you and is a great way of reminding people just how good your product or service is; if it wasn’t  they wouldn’t have been looking at it in the first place!

What else?

So what have we learnt from automating emails? Well they’re a great way of encouraging further interaction between your business and your customers. The important thing to remember is to ensure that your triggered messages are not just there to facilitate a reduction in manual intervention and to save you time. Now don’t get me wrong, these are excellent reasons to automate your email campaigns, but it’s really important that you don’t lose sight of how positive an effect these emails can have on your clients and their perception of your brand. Just because your email is automated doesn’t mean you have to sound like a robot so make sure you keep a sense of personalisation within the mailing.