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Email Client Benchmarking for April 2014

Do you know which platforms and clients your subscribers are using to open your emails? Find out with Email Client Report, one of the great reporting features in MessageFocus.

Why should you care? Email Client Report gives real insights into your own campaigns. This helps you develop emails that are optimized for the clients your recipients are actually using.

Perhaps only a small percentage of your customers currently open your emails on a smartphone? Perhaps responsive emails aren’t a priority? The reporting indicates this, and helps you track the changes to look for the tipping point when it does become important.

Also look out for industry, country and global-level stats as they are an indicator of how your numbers might change.

Starting now, we are going to publish overall platform and client trends based on the data from all our clients. Published here are the results from April 2014.

Desktop, Mobile or Webmail?

As you can see opens on desktops are still number 1, just. We’ll track these numbers over the coming months and see if the gap to mobile closes, and eventually if mobile overtakes.

Top 10 Email Clients

Here is the data we pulled:

1. Outlook 28%
2. iPhone 20%
3. iPad 15%
4. Apple Mail 11%
5. Gmail 8%
6. (Hotmail) 5%
7. Android 5%
8. Yahoo! 4%
9. Windows Live Mail 2%
10. AOL 1%

As you can see, Outlook is top with 28% of opens. But if you combine the figures for iPhone, iPad and Apple Mail together (46%), it’s clear that a large majority of our client base are opening emails on an Apple product. Even though Google made changes to the way Gmail reacted to linked images, affecting the tracking of email opens, MessageFocus is not susceptible to that (here’s why). So you can safely rely on the numbers above.

Come back to see how these figures evolve. In the future, we will also bring you industry specific data that we’ve pulled out.

How do these compare to your own stats? Do you check them regularly? Let us know in the comments.