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In previous posts, we’ve talked about the importance of nurturing your subscribers.

A birthday email, for example, is a nice gesture that’s really easy to implement. You don’t need to wait 365 days for another opportunity, however: birthday emails are not the only type of anniversary emails that you can be sending your subscribers to nurture your relationship with them.

Purchase anniversary

Whether you’re a retailer, publisher or charity, this triggered email is a good idea to implement if you are looking to maintain a good relationship with your subscribers. In a previous blog, Ryan Phelan wrote about the anniversary email he received from American Airlines and how well it worked for him. This example from Fitbit perfectly showcases how easy yet effective this strategy can be. To celebrate a subscriber’s year anniversary with Fitbit, the brand serves up a journey through that year’s activity. Simple and easy,  as the triggered email is populated with existing information about their subscribers.

Newsletter anniversary

This may be easier than the purchase anniversary email as you just need the date when your subscribers first signed up to receive your email marketing communications, such as newsletters. They’ve given you their contact details (maybe just their email address), you’ve been emailing them, and they may or may not opened all your emails. So, take inspiration from Vimeo and send your subscribers an email celebrating your relationship while thanking them for being loyal to you.

Brand’s birthday

Another way to nurture your relationship with your subscribers is celebrating your own brand’s birthday. Let them know how grateful you are for celebrating it with them, treat them with a discount and take advantage of this opportunity to ask for their birthday (if you don’t have that information yet). This is a great way to make your customer base feel more involved in your brand’s story.