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Marketing automation allows publishers to create a personalized experience for their audience.

The word ‘du jour’ is engagement. Everyone wants to engage the audience and persuade readers to like, share and comment on what they’ve read across multiple platforms. Advertisers like it. It helps them validate their purchasing decisions.

A recent article by the American Press Institute, said “Publishers are traditionally used to selling advertisers space in their publications. But that model is working less and less as advertisers stop buying publications and start buying audiences.”

All this means is that you need to keep finding new ways to keep your audience on your site and give them reasons to return. The best way to do this, of course, is to make sure all your content really matters, and the easiest way to achieve that goal is to offer a personalized experience.

Using automation to increase subscription rates and re-engage readers with waning interest

Successful automation programs in the publishing sector include:

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples

c+d-re-engagement-emailEmail engagement strategies helped C+D boost their audience and increase advertising revenue by 29%

Specialist multimedia publisher C+D became concerned that a significant proportion of their database had not opened or clicked for some time. So they focused on finding ways to encourage existing subscribers to rediscover their initial interest in C+D’s content and reconnect with the newsletters.

Key things that made this campaign a success:

C+D saw dramatically improved open rates, reaching 32% and higher, and a 15% increase of their active subscriber base.

Personalized book recommendations from Penguin

penguin-segmentationPenguin Random House wanted to use marketing automation to drive engagement and brand loyalty among readers, generate more sales of new and backlist titles, and gain insight into buyer preferences and behavior so they re-created a personalized bookshop experience via email. Subscribers were invited to take part in a short survey about their preferred reading genres and habits. Six buyer profiles were created and then once a month, subscribers were sent an email, segmented by their buyer profile.

Key things that made this campaign a success:

Penguin saw an exceptional 59% average open rate over the lifecycle of the project.

Marketing automation programs deliver results and valuable audience data

If it’s more engagement you want, then clearly automation is a good way to go. To take your automation campaigns on to the next level, here are a few things to consider: