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5 email accessory ideas to make you stand out from the crowd

1. Social sharing

Fact: According to a 2012 report by GetResponse, emails that include social sharing buttons have a 115% higher click through rate than those that do not.

SHOCKING: Just 18.3% of email marketers included social sharing buttons in their emails.

Social sharing can offer you potentially limitless publicity, but it’s not enough to simply stick a few social website icons at the end of your email. If you want your customers to share your message you’re going to have to work at it.

2. Live content

It might sound a bit gimmicky, but there are some great widgets out there to allow you to display live content to your customers, tailored to their location, time, device and social behaviour. Personalisation is everything.

3. Optimise imagery to suit time of day

Using an image timer can allow you to display different images at different times of the day. This technique can be used to tailor content for multiple time zones, and is great for personalising your emails and creating up-to-the-minute content. You could:

4. Personalised recommendations

Product recommendations, tailored to an individual’s habits and preferences, are one of the most effective personalisation methods used in eCommerce today, and can offer significant retail benefits according to leading software specialists Peerius:

5. The humble postscript

The power of the P.S. as a marketing tool was first demonstrated in 1986 by Professor Siegfried Vögele, Dean of the Institute for Direct Marketing in Munich. He used eye cameras to prove that the average recipient of marketing correspondence looked first at the greeting and signature of a letter, and then, at the P.S.

In other words, the first words your customers will read after their own name and yours, is your postscript. This research is as relevant today in email marketing as it was then. Consider using this powerful marketing accessory as:

So next time you are considering your email marketing, consider your basic design and then take it to the next level with a carefully chosen accessory or two.

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