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Marketing automation has been on everyone’s radar for a while, but as adoption increases marketers are still fearful of taking the plunge into more complex programs. To help you, we’ve curated a list of interesting articles to help inspire your marketing strategy.

Email marketing automation: are you aware of the benefits?

We’re all aware that automation can save time, but do you really know all the benefits it can bring you? Backed up by the 2015 Email Industry Census, this article casts light on the industry’s perceptions.

How a timely thank you email can boost your marketing

Interact with your customers right when they’re interested, engaged and expecting to hear from you. Thank you emails are a golden opportunity to reach existing customers with a triggered email, which generally achieve a 152% higher open rate. This is because it allows you to send something that feels truly personalized and one-to-one.

Locating Your Customers in the Multi-Channel Maze

Customers are spending more and more time online, using mobile for on-the-go browsing between commutes, and then returning to your website via desktop or tablet. But do you track them in their customer journey?

What Every CMO Should Know About Marketing Automation

It’s time to stop regarding marketing automation as a repository for leads and launchpad for emails. Use it in such a way that it gives you insight into your buyer’s interests, and include that insight in your personalization strategy to create truly relevant messages.

Email marketing automation in 2015: where do marketers stand?

The proportion of companies rating their automation campaigns as ‘very successful’ has nearly doubled since 2014. However, marketers are still using fairly basic triggers with the top three most common triggers being subscription start, sign-ups and abandoned baskets. What are the more advanced triggers, and what is their success rate with them?

Personas Rise Again in Support of 1:1 Personalization

With automation programs enabling you to send precisely targeted emails, how do you align the interest of your audience to your message? Formerly out-of-fashion personas can be key personalization supplements for marketers.

How Email Marketing Automation Can Solve Your Top Sales Problems

B2B companies constantly point to email marketing as their most effective marketing communication channel. The article discusses possible marketing challenges for B2B, and how you can use marketing automation to solve them.

What thought-provoking, or particularly useful articles have you read recently?