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What last-minute strategy can you implement?

With Christmas fast approaching, we take a look at how implementing small changes in your email campaigns now can have a big impact on your bottom line during the busiest season of the year.

1. Set up a VIP program. Christmas is the time of the year when we make our friends and family feel loved. So, don’t forget to make your subscribers feel loved too and reward loyal/high value customers with festive discounts, sneak previews, and exclusive content.

2.Develop your engagement program. At the other end of the spectrum to VIPs, think about the customers you might need to win back. Not only it’s important to treat your best customers well, it’s also crucial that you handle your lower spenders too – for example a win back scheme to gently encourage your forgotten shoppers to make the first steps back into the fold. If you are successful and they purchase from you again, then look to nurture that relationship and slowly build them up to becoming repeat purchaser. Make sure they are aware of new product ranges and continue show your value and incentivize them i.e. by suggesting new products they might like.

If customers have stopped opening your emails altogether, this can be a great way to win them back. If they do not respond to the re-engagement campaign it might be worth cleaning up your lists – a tough decision to make but this can improve your visibility as well as deliverability.

3.Abandoned baskets. As you already know, the festive season can be a hectic experience and many customers won’t even remember what they added to their online baskets. So, if you don’t have an abandoned basket program set up yet, you may want to get started asap.

4.Social media competitions. – Drive customers to a sign-up form for the chance of winning an iPad, for example or give them a reason to connect with you. Not only will you be treating your existing social media followers, you’ll also be expanding your cross-channel relationship by having them as email subscribers too. If this doesn’t work for you, what about reversing the above: harness your email subscribers to boost your social following.

5. Christmas events.  If you’re hosting an event, why not develop an event program to keep customers informed & provide them with pre-event info to encourage registration? Then go on to send them bespoke info (try to tailor this to the individual as much as possible). After the event, customer feedback is a really beneficial tool to help you improve future events.

And remember: don’t go crazy over Christmas! Keep your email volumes consistent with your current email marketing strategy. While it’s an important time of year and the pressure is on to maximize sales, it’s also important to maintain a consistent experience for the user, in order to keep them interested and avoid – for want of a better phrase – spamming them.