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In previous posts, we gave you tips to improve your email strategy.

However, an email campaign needs content, and what’s more, a content strategy. You may already have your content strategy set up, but there’re tweaks you could do to your current strategy. And if you don’t have one, here are 5 content tips to add to your email strategy this Holiday season:

1.Manage delivery expectations. ‘Last order’ delivery dates can be stressful for customers. Some of them won’t even make an online purchase if they think the product won’t be delivered on time. Add urgency by outlining your last guaranteed delivery date before Christmas.


2.Christmas promo codes. Provide each customer with bespoke codes to avoid the issues that sharing these can bring. What’s more, you can associate each code with specific customer data. Unique codes mean that you can directly associate this traffic to email – a great tool for ROI measurement.


3.Dynamic/conditional content. Harness the data you already have on your customers to make their email experience as bespoke as possible. This can include product recommendations based in previous behaviour or interests. Yes, Christmas is all about giving. But what about treating ourselves? Make sure your personas are up to date and select those products attractive to them and will make them make a purchase.


4.Your Christmas USP. What sets you apart? Do you go out of your way to help customers over the festive period, perhaps by offering present wrapping or delivery right up until Christmas Eve? Maybe you have some gifts ideas that could help them? Christmas is the time of year when people crave inspiration on what to buy that 2nd cousin they see only once a year. So, anything you can do to make that situation quick and easy for them can potentially lead to extra sales.


5.Mix up your content. If you want people to look forward to your emails, keep working on building that customer relationship. It’s important to vary your content from time to time because you need to make sure your customers are keen to read your emails, even if they don’t anticipate buying anything. Mix sales content with lifestyle content, blog posts, or how-to guides and videos, or even an interactive email that doesn’t sell anything but keeps them engaged.


Just remember: testing is crucial. If you’re going to tweak your content strategy or you want to try something new, do an A/B testing. But make sure you test just one thing at a time!