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So, my New Year’s resolutions have been a resounding failure. If anything I am eating more cheese than ever and I am not reading a book a week!  If like me you’re feeling a little underwhelmed by your ability to improve your lifestyle then let’s focus on something that we can all change with relatively little effort. Open rates in email are easy enough to improve with a little know how but how do we go about that and more importantly why aren’t people opening your email in the first place?

They don’t know who you are

Now, this is not to suggest that you’re sending unsolicited emails to people but rather a consideration that your contacts may not be as aware of your brand as they should be.

So how do we change this? Firstly, let’s consider your sending address or email “˜from’ name. People are generally more afraid of what they don’t know than what they do, so this is a quick win. Including your business name within your from name allows people to identify who the message is from; making them more inclined to open it. Please speak to your Account Manager about getting a custom sending domain set up; it’s easy!

It’s also worth considering how many emails you are sending to your contacts. Too many and you’re a spammer, but too few and you’re a distant memory. So how many should you be sending? Well, this is all down to testing and of course, content. Weekly offers need to be seen on a weekly email (obviously!) but for newsletters (which add value and encourage brand recognition) the choice is a little less obvious. Testing is key here; do certain contacts only engage with you once every two months? Segmentation is the answer- let people choose how often they wish to hear from you and voila, increased engagement!

You’re boring

Please don’t be offended. I don’t mean you, personally! Subject lines are there to introduce the topic of your email and persuade people to open your message so why not include something catchy that includes personalised benefits for the individual? Make sure you read up on our Subject Line analysis for a few simple hints and tips for your business sector.

Your content isn’t targeted

Topics that are of interest to me are the only ones that I wish to talk about. If you’re sending me something that isn’t really what I want to hear about then I’m less inclined to read it. Basing your emails on contact preferences is a sure fire way of encouraging people to engage with your content and therefore brand. Asking people for their preferences is the easy part; it’s what you do with this information that counts. Make sure you speak to your Account Manager about getting a preference centre set up; they’re the way forward. Take a look over this fantastic case study on sending emails that are tailored to the recipient; a little leg work in the set up can achieve great results so get started today!

So what can we learn from this? Firstly, that there is no point in me making New Year’s resolutions, but also that making a few small changes to your approach to email can ensure that your results get better and better. What are you waiting for?!