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…some expert email marketing tips of course.

So here we are again, have you started your shopping yet? The Coca-Cola advert’s on the telly, my inbox is filling up with Christmas sales and offers and the lights in town are turned on what seems to be far too soon… but when do we expect Christmas to actually begin? It feels like it gets earlier every year, so will you see benefits from launching campaigns early or will you see better reports from a typical last minute Christmas rush?

What’s the benefit? Is it in your subject line?
Firstly if you sent Christmas Campaigns last year, look at what worked well and where you could improve in areas. A subject line is even more crucial than normal in a Christmas campaign. Why should the contact open your email? State the savings or sales in your subject line to encourage your audience to open the email. For example I received a Christmas marketing email yesterday that read “Christmas gifts up to 50% off and free next day delivery”. This has two key benefits (50% off and free next day delivery) this is what we like to see, a cheap Christmas present that will be delivered straight away. What are your Christmas savings and offers? Whatever they are, include them in your subject lines.

If this is your first Christmas email marketing campaign then why not try split testing it to see what works best. You can add up to 10 variants of your campaign, although a larger list size is recommended for larger quantities of variants. Test different subject lines to a percentage of your list and see which one receives the best open rates. You can then launch this variant to the rest of your list.
Find out more on split testing.

Get personal this Christmas
Why not try something different in your Christmas campaigns. Have you thought about a Christmas template that’s different from your usual campaigns? This will make your email stand out from the crowd and grab your recipient’s attention. Including dynamic content is a great way to send your recipient relevant content. Our Production team will create an email template that pulls in content from your website. This works by pulling in various XML feeds into a single template. The template then selects the relevant content for the recipient by using conditional content. So the recipient will only see the information applicable and what they have opted-in to receive.

So how can we take advantage of the festive period?
Take a look at these key dates for Christmas Marketing

Monday 10th December 2012
When is the best day to send your Christmas campaigns?
The second Monday in December is historically the most active online shopping day of the year.
This year it will be December 10th so get marketing and launching on this date.

Christmas Day
Is your aunt over for Christmas, driving you mad sitting in front of the TV all day?!
Have you had an iPad from Santa and are now setting up all your apps and emails?!
It could be a key time for you to get in touch with your contacts and re-engage them. Wish them a Merry Christmas with an e-card or let them know the Boxing Day sales in advance.

Boxing Day
Again this is always going to be a good time to send to your contacts as we all go crazy for the Boxing Day sales! Those who aren’t down the town rummaging for bargains will be online on their new gadgets checking out the cheapest prices so make sure you make the most of this!

Make the most out of the Christmas period and launch as much as you can.
Why not get everything scheduled to launch automatically and then you can get your feet up with a cup of tea and a mince pie for a relaxing Christmas, I’m sure you deserve it.

Have a good one !