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You may have come across this Infographic recently doing the rounds on social media:

Qmee Online in 60 Seconds Infographic

Interesting stuff. As an infographic I think it does lack an important visual aspect, however. It has the numbers, but doesn’t present any sense of real scale for comparison.

This website (more in the style of an interactive Infographic) does a better job:

Every Second on the Internet

For the interesting part get right down to the bottom and hit the “And then there’s emails per second” button.

And watch it go.

I’ve pulled the numbers out for you (you’re welcome) and every second there are:

Interesting things to note:

  1. There’s a lot of stuff happening on the internet
  2. There’s probably a lot of pretty pointless stuff
  3. Emails sent outstrips everything else (as it does in the first Infographic) by a very long way

A lot of it is spam, yes. But email is still our main way of communicating online, and is a vital part of the way we work.

Time to put email back to the top of the agenda?