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 Having a mobile-friendly email template and website is an often-quoted best practice but have you ever wondered what the proof is to support it?  

We know that marketers are busy planning their campaigns for the holiday season, and they need evidence as to why they should adopt a particular strategy. We collected 10 reasons why being mobile-friendly is a must this holiday season in retail.

  1. It is predicted that European consumers will spend £19.8 billion on mobile commerce (or mcommerce) for the 2014 holiday season (Centre for Research Retail).
  2. 29.5% of online sales were performed on a tablet in the second quarter of 2014 (IMRG). Have you embraced the scroll and the big buttons? Get more tips on mobile emails that sell.
  3. iPhone owners love checking their emails, so make sure your campaigns look great. Check before you send with the Content & Spam Check in MessageFocus, or use a tool like Litmus.
  4. 59% of companies have a basic or non-existent mobile strategy (2014 Email Industry Census – Key Sector Report). If subscribers can’t read your email, they’ll delete it!
  5. However, optimizing email for mobile devices has been marketers’ biggest change in focus since 2013 (2014 Email Industry Census). Make sure you’re part or the adopters, not the laggards
  6. 40% of Black Friday sales were made on a mobile device in 2013. (Email Monks)
  7. People check their phones 150 times a day (Litmus). Why shouldn’t they open your email when they do? See what words have had great impact on open rates from our Subject Line Report.
  8. Using the word ‘delivery’ in the subject line can achieve a 33% higher open rate. Inform your customers of crucial cut-off points for Christmas delivery and they’ll be stress-free shopping with you.
  9. Animated images are a great way to attract more attention in the inbox, like Costa did. And with support from mobile email clients, what more do you need? Remember to test and share your results.
  10. Up to 70% of mobile carts or baskets are abandoned (BizReport), so you need to make sure that your website and landing pages are optimized as well. And why not recover those abandoned baskets with these 6 tips that you can apply today?

What do you think? If you’ve stumbled across any other interesting facts and figures, share them with us.