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Below is a quick recap of last year’s Summit to give you an idea of what’s in-store.

"What an event! I learnt a lot and the basecamps were really helpful with lots of info and customer cases! "

Sebastian Marghella

at QBS

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Meet the Speakers

More to be announced soon!


Sophia George

Email Marketing Manager, Frontier Developments

Sophia is the Email Marketing Manager at Frontier Developments, the studio behind Jurassic World Evolution, Elite Dangerous, LostWinds and Planet Coaster, founded in 1994 by games industry veteran David Braben. Frontier’s development strengths are immersive and fun gameplay design with unparalleled artistic quality, all enabled by its cutting-edge in-house COBRA game development technology and a talent for getting the best out of hardware and UI.

Georgie Ma

CRM Manager, Kano Computing

Georgie is the CRM Manager for Kano Computing. A company that enables kids from 6+ to build their very first computer and write their first line of code. She is responsible for pressing the email send button right through to speaking to customers to find out what they think of Kano and looking at ways on how to improve the customers experience.

Rusty Warner

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Rusty serves B2C Marketing Professionals. His research focuses on marketing technologies, including customer analytics, cross-channel campaign management, enterprise marketing platforms, real-time interaction management, and digital customer experience delivery. Rusty helps organizations ensure that marketing technology investments are aligned with strategies to meet shifting customer expectations and support the BT agenda — technologies, systems, and processes to win, serve, and retain customers.

Jo Green

Senior Marketing Executive, IOP Publishing


Kerry Parker

Brand and Marketing Manager, RIBA




More to be announced soon!

Staying in the game: using email to drive player engagement

With over four years on the market and over two million players, Elite Dangerous is a massive space simulation game with a steep learning curve for its passionate players. Sophia George will talk about the strategy and challenges for creating the onboarding campaign for this expansive game.

Industry: Gaming

IOP Publishing whip email into shape for a better subscriber experience

As part of a wider digital transformation and relaunch, Jo explains how they overhauled email templates to improve usability for editors and automating content to streamline processes. She also reveals how they transformed the subscriber experience, giving the subscriber more control and capturing better quality data. Winning on all fronts, as well as dramatically improving efficiency, IOP have seen an uplift both in registrations and engagement.

Industry: Publishing

The reinvention of RIBA eNews

Email is a key channel for communicating with RIBA’s many audiences, but teams across the global organization were exploiting it in silo resulting in inefficiencies and a lack of control over brand perception and customer experience. Kerry explains how the marketing team secured buy-in and co-ordination across multiple teams to overhaul design, content, data and processes around email creating a new streamlined and consistent approach for RIBA eNews. The results speak for themselves with improvement in engagement, better customer insight and organization-wide efficiencies.

Industry: Membership


09.30 Registration and networking

09.50 Welcome

Henry Smith, Managing Director, Adestra

10.00 Latest Forrester research

Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst, Forrester

10.40 Client Speaker 


11.10 Coffee Break and Networking

11.30 Base camps


12.30 Lunch

13.30 First-Person Marketing

Danielle Woolley, Head of Customer Success and Suzy Carter-Kent, Customer Success Manager, Adestra

14.00 Client speaker 


14.30 Base camps


15.30 Coffee break and networking

16.00 Adestra development update

Steve Denner, COO, Lisa Snuggs, Head of Product Management and Spencer Wood, Head of Platform, Adestra

16.30 Client speaker 


17.00 Conference round-up

17.15 Networking drinks

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the Adestra Email Summit, it is something I look forward to going to every year. It is great to meet other like-minded email marketers who are enthusiastic for the Adestra platform and for email marketing as a channel. It is great to be a part of all the wonderful ideas and strategies it offers, it really is great inspiration. The basecamps are a fantastic way to learn how other marketers have been succeeding. We have taken away a lot from the conference and will continue to implement these ideas into our own strategies going forward. Can’t wait for next year already!"

Becky Townson-Hughes

at Fat Media

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The Venue

IET London: Savoy Place, 2 Savoy Place, London. WC2R 0BL

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