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Adestra Email Summit 2016

Thank you to all those who attended our Email Summit this year and for the wonderful feedback for the event! As we know, many of you were inspired by our clients’ stories and industry presentations, we hope you enjoy the recordings below. Feel free to share them with your colleagues who couldn’t make it as well.

We hope to see you again next year!

Oliver Carpenter

“The learning opportunities were great, and it was useful to see Adestra and its tools being used successfully across a broad array of industries and markets.”

Sebastian Marghella

“What an event! I learnt a lot and the basecamps were really helpful with lots of info and customer cases!”

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Steven Henney

“Brilliant day, food was spot on, reinforces my admiration for Adestra as a company, nice to meet other clients and see how they’re using the system. Looking forward to next year already!”

Main Stream Presentations

Email trends and opportunities — Jim Clark, Research Director at Econsultancy

Email’s reputation for delivering ROI remains undiminished, and in this presentation Jim interrelated findings taken from Econsultancy’s recent Email Industry Census with real-world case studies that illustrate email effectiveness. In addition, he talked about key trends impacting on the lives of email marketers today and explored the future of the channel.

You can access the slides here.

Email templates: Brilliant? – Rob Pellow, Head of Digital Design at Adestra

Templates are an effective way to design great emails quickly, with no concerns about coding causing issues. Rob discussed why they are so effective and how to get the most out of them.

You can access the slides here.

GDPR and making privacy a brand asset – Zach Thornton, External Affairs Manager at the DMA

The GDPR is the biggest change in data protection policy for a generation and will have a huge impact on marketers. Zach’s presentation went through the headline changes in the regulation and what questions you should be asking of your business on the road to compliance. However, earlier this year we had Brexit and the resulting uncertainty, so find out what the real impact will be. Moreover, it isn’t just the legislation you should be thinking about but shifting societal attitudes.

You can access the slides here.

The evolving landscape: How the email world has shifted the center of digital marketing – Ryan Phelan, VP Marketing Insights at Adestra Inc

How important is your email address? Think about it. You use it to communicate with your bank, insurance, family, the list goes on. Once considered a disposable part of daily life, your email address is now more important than your bank account number. Listen to Ryan to learn how the changes in global data practices and privacy laws are pushing companies across the world to look to email marketing to lead them to the promised land of addressability of the consumer and what that means for email marketing and marketers.

You can access the slides here.

Developing email as a channel: Delivering on brand and commercial objectives – Chris Farrow, Ecommerce Manager at Celtic & Co.

Find out how luxury British retailer Celtic & Co. developed an email program to better understand the lifetime value of a customer and ensure they always communicate their key messaging effectively. Chris explained how implementing automated welcome and nursery programs form part of a strategic approach to learn more about their customers.

You can access the slides here.

Basecamp presentations

Interactive design – Rob Pellow, Head of Digital Design at Adestra and Bill Brand, Subscriptions and CRM Manager at Last Word

Templates are brilliant but present a different challenge. Rob Pellow, Adestra’s Head of Digital Design explained what needs to be considered when designing and building them, and how the editor has changed the process. This practical session introduced a challenge for participants to design their own template using arts and crafts, and then they built emails with a selection of their designs using the editor.

You can access the slides here.

Personalisation – Tom Mahoney, Internal Sales and Brand Manager, Serious Sport

Serious Sport is the UK’s number one personalised sports clothing company. They work with sports clubs across the UK providing personalised, branded kit to their players and fans, all delivered within five days. Hear how they get serious with personalisation in their email marketing to serve up relevant product recommendations, give their customers a great experience and drive revenue.

You can access the slides here.

Email automation – Sarah Gaffney, Senior Marketing Manager, UBM

Discover how the UBM Built Environment team used email automation to generate high quality sales leads for top B2B events such as Sleep, Ecobuild and kbb Birmingham (Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms). Sarah explained how UBM have tested and optimised various content marketing techniques to drive engagement and urgency, plus how they have worked in close alignment with the sales and sponsorship team and achieved outstanding results.

You can access the slides here.

Supporter engagement – Ebony Bennett, Digital Channels Coordinator, Breast Cancer Care

Find out how Breast Cancer Care optimised their processes across the organisation using automation, split-testing and a modular template for campaign creation. Ebony Bennett, Digital Channels Co-ordinator explained how this has transformed the way they work and allowed them to really focus on how email can best support their mission of ensuring every person affected by breast cancer gets the best treatment, information and support.

You can access the slides here.

DISCLAIMER: The content and opinions within these presentations and basecamps are for information purposes only. They are not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice, and should not be relied on or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular circumstances, the Data Protection Act, or any other current or future legislation. Adestra shall accept no responsibility for any errors, omissions or misleading statements, or for any loss which may arise from reliance on materials contained within these presentations and basecamps.