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What is DMARC and why it changed email marketing

This week, we’re rounding up our authentication terms with DMARC, as requested by one of our readers.

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, and is a technical specification designed to reduce email abuse. Simply put, it helps prove that an email coming from has really been sent by

Building on knowledge from previous terms of the week, DMARC works in conjunction with SPF and DKIM to add control over what happens to messages that fail these checks – such as junk or reject the message. While this provides many benefits for security-conscious domain owners, the most relevant feature for email marketers is the ability to receive feedback about authentication failures.

Before DMARC, there was no sure fire way to tell if your SPF or DKIM configuration had problems besides manually testing it.

Other DMARC benefits for senders:

  • helps prevent domain spoofing in emails
  • establishes a framework of policies and trust with email clients
  • limits the exposure of receivers to harmful emails that can damage brand reputation

If you have a term you’d like explaining, simply leave a comment below. Or see other Terms of the Week.


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