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Webinar synopsis: Improve email relevance with location targeting

Today Matt shared his tips for using location based data to improve email relevancy and ultimately boost response and conversion rates. In this blog, we’ve rounded up on what he covered and shared some of the key points you can take away and try for your email marketing.

1. Why use location data and Adestra’s Geotracking?

  • Using location information to target your email campaigns allows for greater content creativity. It allows for greater personalisation which leaves recipients feeling engaged and more likely to convert.
  • Geotracking provides a visual representation of campaign performance without the need for analysing complex data sets.
  • Because it works by tracking IP locations, you get a more accurate idea of where recipients open their emails, not necessarily just where they live.
  • Location data doesn’t have to be used in isolation. It can be combined with other marketing activities such as direct mail, radio and print. Knowing where your audience is based helps to tailor messages more likely to be engaged with, no matter what the channel.

2. How to use location data

  • Location data shouldn’t be used in isolation. In fact Matt suggests combining it alongside existing demographic information can yield greater returns. For example, segmenting a promotion based on gender and location can result in higher conversion rates.
  • Try targeting specific locations with event promotions. Campaigns can be sent to existing contacts in week areas of conversion performance encouraging them to forward their emails onto friends.
  • Don’t forget to benchmark. Matt suggests tracking location data success should be done by taking an average figure for campaign engagement and crossed reference against future location based campaign results.

Watch the full webcast for more tips on making location data work for you and client success stories

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