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Webinar synopsis: Drive acquisition with email and social media

Yesterday we successfully launched our Adestra Think webinar series. The first in the series covered driving acquisition with email and social media and was well received by a large audience. We also had some active listeners who gave us their input on twitter. You can view the conversation at #adestrathink or if you would prefer to receive the Tweet Digest by email text your email address to 81222 to receive it.

Here are Parry’s main takeaways from the webinar:
According to emarketer 84% of professionals do not measure the ROI on their social media programs. And yet, we are all rushing aboard the social media train! You need to bear in mind 4 fundamental things about social media to truly deliver your business a return on investment:

Fallacy of activism
A like, follow or group membership does not mean the user is going to give you cash money. What it does mean is they clicked a mouse button. You need to be realistic about what “activism” on social media is – it is a temporary show of affection, but is NOT action.

Reality of ownerships
Bear in mind that social networks own your data. If you have a group, it is their group, NOT YOURS – so you need to protect yourself to mitigate the business risk of social networks looking to derive revenue from your audience.

Importance of integration
No matter how you interact with customers, or which communications channels you use, it’s vital to ingest their data into your database. Whether it’s social networks, apps or mobile phones, make sure you have a workflow in place so you capture this data – and be the masters of your own destiny.

On a whole:
Social media is here to stay… but not in its current form. It is a nascent market and is changing by the day – so don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Protect yourself and your business by putting a plan in place so you own your data!

The key thing is to get a plan in place to link your social media and email together, putting yourself in control of your data to ensure you are maximising both channels.

Don’t be one of the thousands of people sucked in by get-rich-quick pickaxe salesmen.

Thank you to those who attended the webinar – we hope you enjoyed it – if so we would love to hear your comments below.

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