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Apps such as can mean your emails never make it into customers’ primary inboxes — find out how to make sure your messages are seen.

Email is still one of a marketer’s most effective tools. Yet even with the most engaging subject lines, open rates vary enormously. According to an Epsilon analysis of billions of emails sent across multiple industries, the average open rate is just 31.1%. More than two thirds of emails are never read.

How does work? is one of several free email management tools that allows people to mass unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions. Selected emails make it into the inbox, while the remaining subscriptions are corralled into one place — the Rollup — where they’re displayed via a screen shot. It’s had a dramatic effect on some marketers: says that more than 52.5% of 1800Flowers subscribers using its tool have asked for its emails to stop.

How to optimize so your customers don’t leave you

The only solution, clearly, is to make sure that content is strong enough for customers to want to continue receiving it. Increasing or decreasing the number of emails you send may make a difference. So could testing different subscriptions: some customers may want discounts only, whereas others may want everything. It’s also a good idea to avoid too many time-limited offers. may provide further support for the importance of subject lines as it delivers a snapshot of messages in the daily Rollup — even when the message is unopened. The Rollup only offers a limited snapshot of the email as initially seen — so ensure that you have compelling graphic content. Make it as personalized as possible, and make sure the reason to click on it is clear. Be sure to always test your emails to see what works best.

Using to your advantage

There can be advantages for marketers in and its brethren. Subscribers tend to think about all sorts of things during the day, and helps mitigate the effects of email as an interruptive medium. collects regular emails that the client wishes to receive, when the client wishes to receive them, through its unsubscribe and subscription management services. Additionally, customers are less likely to delete promotional emails if they’re not cluttering up their inboxes, retaining them for future reference — and perhaps future purchases.


In order to avoid any ill-effects from the introduction of apps like, maximize your open rates by:

  • Avoiding too many time limited offers
  • Creating relevant, eye catching content
  • Testing your emails regularly in order to learn and capitalize on what resonates best with your audience

Find out how to pique your customers’ interest: read One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Using Smart Data for Personalization

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  • Mark Robbins

    Do you (or anyone reading this) have an example of “the Rollup” where they stick all the emails into one. When you click on an email does it send you that email, expand to display the full email or load it in a webpage?

    • Jennifer_Watkiss

      Hi Mark – I’ve been using it for a little while. The Rollup shows a screenshot of each email, then when I click on any of the emails, I’m taken, where it opens what I assume is the browser version in a lightbox. I get a fully-functioning email, links work as usual, etc. Happy to jump on a Hangout sometime if you’d like to see it live.

      • Mark Robbins

        Thanks for that, sounds good for code rendering.