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Term of the Week: Email Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs stands for ‘key performance indicators’, they’re used to evaluate factors considered crucial to the success of an organisation or project.

What email KPIs should I consider?

  • Conversion: whether this is sales or sign-ups, conversions create interest and revenue. Having it as a KPI allows you to evaluate the success of your strategy and judge it against your goals.
  • Delivery rate: using your deliverability statistics you can act upon the quality of your data, whether that is fine tuning it or giving it a deep cleanse, which in turn should assist a conversion KPI.
  • Click-through rate: you may have good deliverability and opens but clicks are a great way of showing active engagement with your email. Clicks can provide you with a good guideline on whether your content is working or whether you need a change to get your contacts re-engaged with your campaigns.

Of course there are other KPIs you could consider, but the above give you a good starting ground.

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