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1 year ago by Suzy Carter-Kent

What wearables really mean for email

Wearables should bring about a serious shake-up. The market will spike to 485 million device shipments by 2018, according to ABI Research. If industry predictions are right, wearables will be one of the most disruptive technology advances since the smartphone arrived – and that tipping point could come around much faster. Here’s what you need…

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smartwatch wearable technology

1 year ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Text Version

Someone asked us last week on Twitter: “Are text versions still relevant?”. Text versions, or plain text versions, are emails which don’t contain any graphics, images or formatting. Before 2010, they were particularly useful for emails sent to Blackberry users and some other email clients which handled text much better than HTML. Is there any advantage…

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2 years ago by Anca Staples

An email customer journey from the Apple Watch to the desktop

Modern marketers know the importance of optimizing emails for mobile devices, and the results that come with that. Dobbies tried it, for example, and they had an increase of 400% in their click-through rates. With the Apple Watch having started to ship on the 24th of April, we thought we’d follow an email customer journey…

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2 years ago by Suzy Carter-Kent

Will wearables change the way we approach data?

Following on from my previous post “How will wearable technology contribute to the future of email marketing?”, I wanted to really focus on how wearables are adding a new dimension into the conversation around data management. It is a fascinating conversation that is gaining more attention at the moment with the current proposals for EU Data…

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3 years ago by Suzy Carter-Kent

How will wearable technology contribute to the future of email marketing?

For many marketers, the emergence of mobile optimization for email marketing is still a heady mix of buzzwords, email responsive templates and hyped up promises of delivering increased ROI for your efforts. Albeit, that mobile optimization is without doubt an unavoidable journey that many marketing departments are either pursuing or will be in the near…

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smartwatch wearable technology