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1 year ago by Anca Staples

How to retain the new customers you’ve acquired during the holidays

The holidays have come and gone, the lights and sparkle have been taken down. But how do you keep the sparkle in your customers’ inboxes alive for the year to come? By using email automation to retain the customers you’ve just acquired, you can start targeting a larger database during the next holiday season. And…

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2 years ago by Anca Staples

The most popular email marketing blog posts of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, we’ve looked at the most popular posts on our blog to see what shaped email marketing this year. Unsurprisingly, Google and Gmail made the headlines, but so did automation programs and some email marketing basics like data cleaning and testing. The 2015 Email Census showed the number of companies…

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2 years ago by Julia Weller

Customer lifecycle marketing: the first purchase is just the beginning

We’ve been told time and time again that consumers are time poor, impatient and unforgiving. They have high expectations: personalisation, relevancy, a good experience, intolerant to mass-marketing and aggressive selling. But do we really know how our audience would like to be communicated to? One thing you can count on: people that have taken the…

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2 years ago by Jennifer Watkiss

How a timely thank you email can boost your marketing

Interact with your customers right when they’re interested, engaged and expecting to hear from you. How can you make the most of this opportunity? Read on to find out. Thank you emails are a golden opportunity to reach existing customers with a triggered email, which generally achieve a 152% higher open rate. This is because…

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