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Subject Line Report

2 years ago by Ryan Phelan

Getting started with email testing and subject lines

We recently published the 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report and I’m excited to share some of those results in my inaugural blog post, as well as some insights on testing email campaigns beyond just the subject line. I’ve been in the email marketing industry for 15 years, and I look forward to becoming part of…

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Ryan Phelan

2 years ago by Jennifer Watkiss

Improve your subject lines like never before

A recent infographic by Sikich pointed out that email marketing can be up to 20 times more effective than other marketing channels, but to get there you need subscribers to open your emails first. The key to that is the subject line. Following the success of our 2013 Subject Line Report, we’ve decided to take…

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2 years ago by Adestra

Email marketing subject lines – avoid the mundane ‘journal’ or ‘whitepaper’, be wary of % discounts, but do focus on benefits

Having studied over 3 billion emails, from over 125,000 individual email campaigns, Adestra has compiled its 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report showing what works and what doesn’t, together with ideas on how to improve results. A subject line is one of the main things under an email marketer’s control to influence their customers’ behavior. Having…

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