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split test

2 years ago by Ryan Phelan

Email testing: how to plan and organize your program

In my first blog post I highlighted parts of our 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report and covered some basics on email testing, including the importance of statistically valid tests, why you should be testing more than just the subject line, and the importance of reputable advice when looking for inspiration. This post will go into…

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2 years ago by Ryan Phelan

Getting started with email testing and subject lines

We recently published the 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report and I’m excited to share some of those results in my inaugural blog post, as well as some insights on testing email campaigns beyond just the subject line. I’ve been in the email marketing industry for 15 years, and I look forward to becoming part of…

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Ryan Phelan

2 years ago by Sophie Jenkins

A/B testing your email design – 10 tips not to overlook

Ever wondered know how many emails your customers send and receive every day? 121. It’s no wonder people have just seconds to scan emails and decide whether they’re worth their precious time. If your email marketing click through rates are less than rosy, maybe it’s down to how your template looks, so tweaking your email…

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Email testing

3 years ago by Adestra

Email marketing – a great place to try out design and content ideas

Emails offer a tremendous opportunity for you to split test new ideas in design and content. As a marketer, you understand the importance of testing and measuring your campaigns. Analyzing results gets you the best return on your investment. However, revamping websites or even changing one webpage is time-consuming and costly. A faster and easier…

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4 years ago by Adestra

Boost your open and click rates – split testing made simple

When you ask around Adestra what everyone’s favourite MessageFocus feature is, the answer is always the split test. It’s one of the top ways to quickly increase your email marketing success… How does split testing work? Split testing is a quick and easy way to maximise your open and click rates. This feature allows you…

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