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software and service

2 years ago by Jordie van Rijn

Debunking the Myths of switching ESPs

I have helped dozens of companies find their new Email service soulmate over the years. For me, it has become an enjoyable process. But I have never met someone else that wakes up in the morning and thinks: “Today is a great day to find a new Email Vendor (ESP)!”. There are enough good reasons…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

Supporting customers to deliver success

This week, the Institute of Customer Service celebrates Customer Service Week. All businesses strive to do very well, but dealing with customer queries is not always easy. I grilled Matt Cutbush, the head of our own Support team, on the topic. A: What is one thing that you think people don’t realise about our Support…

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Matt Cutbush portrait

4 years ago by Steve Denner

5 questions you must ask marketing software vendors about customer experience

Five questions software vendors must answer before you choose their marketing software. Looking at new marketing software? There are many companies currently offering solutions. How should you choose between them? The first considerations Integrated or stand alone? Online or offline? Remember, the less expensive solution may not be the most suited to your business needs,…

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