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send times

2 months ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: The right time to send an email

When is the best time to send an email? You hopefully know by now that there is no magic bullet for this. If, say, 8pm on a Thursday starts working well and all marketers start using it, it will rapidly become the worst time to send. With subscribers opening more and more emails on mobile,…

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time to plan

3 years ago by Adestra

The reign of mobile and what it means for marketers

Mobile technology has facilitated access to information at any time, making commutes easier and generally just helping consumers take advantage of every spare second. While that implies marketers now have more chances of reaching their ideal target audience, it means they have to change the way their approach. This should be driven by their consumers’ behavior…

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3 years ago by Adestra

Quick wins: 3 ways to implement automation for events

Find out how to nudge your registrants to attend, deliver a personalized experience, and get the timing right with email automation for events. Organizing an event is challenging and part of that is getting more people to register. And, particularly if it’s a free event, you also need to convince registrants to attend. While there…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

5 real-time email marketing success stories

Learn how B2C brands used real-time email marketing to boost revenue. Consumer brands have fierce competition when it comes to their customers’ attention. But they’re learning that if they offer more than just products, if they’re a source of information and they understand their customers’ interests, then they might still get in the loop… and…

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4 years ago by Adestra

Email marketing’s worst kept secret? Test, test and test again!

After watching Parry’s latest webinar on subject line keyword checking, the main thing I took away from the session was that Obama is seriously cool. And also, that regularly testing your email campaigns is the most productive and beneficial thing you can do. Without absolute certainty that your content, launch time and data are perfect,…

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