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2 years ago by Jenna Binding

The secrets behind the Publishing industry’s email marketing success

Inspired by a recent case study from Penguin which showed the value of truly personalised, one-to-one email communications, we decided to have a look at what makes this industry so successful in terms of email marketing performance. The recently published 2015 Email Industry Census – Key Sector Report gave some insight into that, highlighting Publishing…

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5 years ago by Adestra

Publishers in 2013: 5 megatrends you can’t ignore

How will your publishing business evolve in 2013? Adestra asked me for my thoughts and so here are five megatrends that you must include in your plans for this year – and some suggestions for what you can do about them”¦ 1. The world goes mobile Sometime this year web searches from mobile devices will…

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5 years ago by Henry Hyder-Smith

Are retailers becoming publishers and vice versa?

An exclusive article from InPublishing There’s a growing trend of retailers becoming publishers. Online retailer ASOS recently launched a digital edition of its popular ASOS Magazine to help expand its reach internationally, and supermarket publications have been around for a while. Indeed, ASDA magazine recently announced an 11% growth in readership. In its first Content Marketing Survey…

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