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preference centre

5 months ago by Anca Staples

Miss it, miss out: Our top nine email marketing posts of the year

As we close the book on 2016, it’s time to see what made the headlines and what email marketers were most interested in from the amazing range of content we shared this year. Email design was unsurprisingly among the most popular topics on our blog, followed by a broad discussion around change – in the…

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Year in Review

11 months ago by Ryan Phelan

Better email acquisition is key for big data success

Email marketing and big data have a surprisingly symbiotic relationship, where each one makes the other better, something that will only increase in the future. Big data – demographics, behavior, buying behavior in other channels, competitive intelligence – has been successful for digital marketers in large part because of email marketing. In turn, big data allows marketers…

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Big data

1 year ago by Ryan Phelan

Why preference centers don’t work – and how they could

Whenever people ask me if they should create preference centers I don’t say, “Yes, do it,” or “No, don’t bother.” Instead, I ask them, “How hard do you want to work?” The usual response is “Huh? How hard could it be? It’s just one page!” A preference center is only as important to your customers…

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forever 21 preference centre

3 years ago by Anca Staples

There’s more to suppression lists than unsubscribed email addresses

Suppression lists are fairly easy to understand, but they could be of more help than just making you compliant with the law. That’s why it’s Term of the Week this week. A suppression list is a record of email addresses that you don’t want to receive particular emails. Usually, when someone unsubscribes from your emails,…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

Give your email subscribers control, give them a Preference Center

Today in Term of the Week, we explore Preference Centers and how they can help you in your email marketing. Preference Centers are forms which allow your subscribers to update their details and choose what information to receive, at any point in their relationship with your brand. Why are Preference Centers important? When your contacts…

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4 years ago by Adestra

Avoiding heart-break with unsubscribes

Valentine’s day may have only just been and gone, but when it comes to emails it seems that there is little love in the air – all too often we’re reaching for the unsubscribe link before we’ve even really got to know each other. So here’s my advice on how to deal with an email…

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5 years ago by Adestra

4 top tips for user friendly preference pages

A few weeks back I went away on a lovely 10 day holiday to Egypt.  When I got back to reality and started going through my “after holiday to do” list, one of the points naturally was my emails.  To no surprise I found my inbox was flooded with a mass of unread emails.  It…

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