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pre-send checks

4 years ago by Adestra

MessageFocus How-To: Tackle mobile

Hi there, and welcome to another MessageFocus Top Tip. Today we’re looking at optimisation of email for Mobile. Increasingly, more of us are checking our mail on the go. Whether we’re checking on things at the office, holding a virtual ticket for international travel, or playing around with our new gadgets, it’s a universal truth…

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4 years ago by Adestra

Saving time and effort with MessageFocus presets

Here at Adestra, we all know how much our clients love to build email campaigns, test deliverability and experiment with the latest functionalities. This is all well and good but the busy schedule of a marketer’s day to day life can leave little time for such fun. So any way to save valuable time and…

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4 years ago by Jack Lester

How to be sure your email is mobile friendly

In 2013 mobile email is on pace to become bigger than ever. Are you ready? Here’s a cool stat; Christmas Day consistently has the highest number of smartphone activations¬†around the world after we’ve sat ’round the tree and unwrapped our new tablets and smartphones. And according to “Mobile Magazine”, in 2012, over¬†17 Million Apple and…

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5 years ago by Adestra

Mobile emails – email marketing on the move

Remember the days when we all needed luggage to transport our mobile devices and wrist strain injuries were the norm, caused by the sheer weight of these technological marvels. Of course you do. We’re there again. Smartphones have gone big again. But this time we’re not just lugging phones around in our pockets, we’re carrying…

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