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plain text

2 years ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Text Version

Someone asked us last week on Twitter: “Are text versions still relevant?”. Text versions, or plain text versions, are emails which don’t contain any graphics, images or formatting. Before 2010, they were particularly useful for emails sent to Blackberry users and some other email clients which handled text much better than HTML. Is there any advantage…

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2 years ago by Peter Rylands

How to get your email marketing ready for 2016 [New Litmus report]

Litmus recently published their “2016 State of Email Report” and we thought we’d summarise the best bits from it. The report looks into what happened in 2015: the movers, shakers and innovators; which should give email marketers some insight as they prepare for the year ahead. And it will be a busy one as, alongside…

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2015 litmus state of email

9 years ago by Adestra

Plain text Vs HTML emails

A client asked me this question recently. They are currently using plain text emails to promote their publications and have great deliverability – but the question is, are they making the most of the channel? When it comes to email marketing the debate still rages over what’s best – HTML or plain text email formats.…

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