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1 year ago by Matt McGowan

How email could help brands to make Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is crazy fun, dangerously addictive and just plain dangerous when it leads distracted people into trouble. is charting every incidence of injury and mayhem while they’re Mewtwo hunting here. Still, that hasn’t deterred anyone so far – least of all marketers, who are dreaming up creative ways to buy into the hype. In…

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pokemon go

2 years ago by Anca Staples

7 ideas for creating location-based content in your email marketing

Research shows that relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails. The best and easiest way to step up your email marketing game is to use dynamic content to automatically customize emails based on real-time data. While there are many ways in which dynamic content can help you make emails more relevant, we’ve decided…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

Term of the week: location targeting

Marketers lead busy lives and we want to make it easier for them to keep their knowledge up-to-date. Welcome to the first ‘Term of the Week’, explaining what you need to know in around 100 words. Location Targeting Location targeting is a visual representation of where your emails are opened, which can be used as a…

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4 years ago by Adestra

“Mobile has won” says Google’s Eric Schmidt – are you ready for a smartphone marketing future?

The move to a mobile-first marketing landscape means that CMOs need to address three new challenges quickly. Laying out his predictions for 2014 in an interview for Bloomberg, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt claims “mobile has won”. Clarifying this further, Schmidt believes that 2014 will be the year that mobile computing finally overtakes its deskbound…

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4 years ago by Adestra

2014 Marketing Trends Dictionary

Cut through the hyperbole – find out which of the many marketing buzzwords flying around have substance behind them. Which strategies will make your messaging more successful in 2014? If you’ve been in marketing for a while, you’ll have seen countless buzzwords rise and fall. This is our guide to the marketing buzzwords doing the…

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5 years ago by Adestra

Webinar synopsis: Improve email relevance with location targeting

Today Matt shared his tips for using location based data to improve email relevancy and ultimately boost response and conversion rates. In this blog, we’ve rounded up on what he covered and shared some of the key points you can take away and try for your email marketing. 1. Why use location data and Adestra’s…

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