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lifecycle marketing

1 year ago by Katie Evans

How lifecycle email programs can keep your customers coming back for more

Welcome programs and offer-led emails are fantastic for encouraging your contacts to make a purchase. However, it’s the relationship that you build with the customer post purchase which can often be a huge influencing factor as to whether they will become a repeat customer. This is where automated lifecycle email programs can come in. Here…

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Automation and sales

2 years ago by Adestra

Introducing the MessageFocus Automation Program Builder

We’re delighted to announce a brand new feature, which will make it easier and faster to create automation programs using MessageFocus. It allows you to visualize and build detailed, highly personalized customer journeys in a simple way. What can the Automation Program Builder do for you? This new feature is so easy to use, you…

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2 years ago by Katie Evans

Four tips for a great donor lifecycle marketing campaign

Following my previous post on ‘How charities can take the goodwill spirit of the holidays into the new year’, I want to share some practical tips on building effective donor lifecycle campaigns. By applying them, you’ll understand how timely communications can encourage more responses from your donors, establish and maintain a lasting relationship. 1. Make…

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Charity hands up

2 years ago by Jennifer Watkiss

Engage new customers with a welcome email series

How do you keep new customers and subscribers excited about your brand for longer? When should you start talking to new email subscribers? And what do the best email welcome series include? Read on to find out. For the best results, you should start a conversation as soon as they sign up. Research has repeatedly shown…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

7 email marketing tips travel companies can implement today

Having just returned from holiday made me think about the way travel companies, be it agencies or airlines, don’t take full advantage of the power of email. So, here are some email marketing tips travel companies can use to enhance revenues using the data they have at hand about their subscribers. Travel companies’ major advantage…

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Email marketing tips travel

4 years ago by Adestra

Lifecycle Programs – 5 steps to increasing relevance and engagement

Lifecycle programs are becoming the secret weapon in the email marketer’s bag of tricks. They allow you to take your subscribers on a journey and build a relationship, from the very first click through to a re-engagement campaign. Below are 5 key stages in a lifecycle program to help keep your subscribers active and engaged:…

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