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2 months ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: Using images in email

Email industry best practice recommends a 60/40 image-to-text ratio, not even including the text you overlay on images. What we’d like to challenge you on this week is the way you use those images… Alternative image placements A layout that has been popular in recent years is alternate images and text like in the example…

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1 year ago by Kristina Wright

How to get your message across with images in email turned off

We all want our emails to look beautiful and images play a key part in this. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, but if the email client of your subscriber disables images, your message can get lost with them. This is an even bigger problem if you’ve used images to display text.…

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4 years ago by Paul Dyke

3 tips to help you get images in emails right

Images in emails can be a tricky subject – here are 3 things you should think about before you design your next email campaign. Your creative team have spent hours designing your new email campaign. You’ve hired photographers to take the ‘sexiest’ pictures of the products. Do you need a JPEG, GIF or PNG format…

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4 years ago by Aaron Rowe

Gmail image changes – an update

Since our last post on the Gmail image changes we have been monitoring the situation, and have made a further update which affects repeat opens for Gmail users. Our tests revealed that the Google image proxy servers are not caching the tracking pixel images themselves, but they are attaching headers which cause the end users…

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