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2 years ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Text Version

Someone asked us last week on Twitter: “Are text versions still relevant?”. Text versions, or plain text versions, are emails which don’t contain any graphics, images or formatting. Before 2010, they were particularly useful for emails sent to Blackberry users and some other email clients which handled text much better than HTML. Is there any advantage…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

Term of the week: inline CSS for email

This week we dip our feet in email design territory, exploring what CSS and inline CSS are.   CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it’s a styling language used in web and email design. You can use it to set attributes like font size, colour, alignment, etc.  which are then applied to your HTML.…

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3 years ago by Paul Dyke

What you need to know about using fonts in email

Fonts are an important part of your visual identity, so naturally you want to use the right ones in your emails. But sometimes it’s not possible. We had a few questions about fonts in email in our recent email design webinar ‘Email Marketing Meets Design Theory’, so I’ve collected some thoughts here. Which ones are…

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4 years ago by Neil Bursnoll

The changing face of HTML for email, and fantasy fiction

I’m Batman. Well, not in that sense. What I do mean is by day I fix coding problems and build templates and forms alongside my Production team. And by night I’m a novelist, and I’ve just had my debut published. A number of years ago I turned to creating HTML files by hand, using advanced…

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5 years ago by Adestra

MessageFocus Updates – 12th March 2013

We have made some updates to MessageFocus this weekend to address feedback from our clients. All of these updates are enhancements that will improve your MessageFocus experience. Here are just a few of the improvements you will see when you login to MessageFocus today: 1. MessageFocus Reporting Inbound tab: If you click on the “Inbound…

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9 years ago by Adestra

Plain text Vs HTML emails

A client asked me this question recently. They are currently using plain text emails to promote their publications and have great deliverability – but the question is, are they making the most of the channel? When it comes to email marketing the debate still rages over what’s best – HTML or plain text email formats.…

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