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first-person marketing

2 weeks ago by Melanie White

Email Summit LA: 70% of marketers ignoring totality of email [Video]

It’s a bold statement, but one that Ryan Phelan, VP of Marketing Insights at Adestra claimed last week during a presentation on strategy at our Email Summit LA. According to Phelan, email marketing holds huge opportunity, but about 70 percent of marketers are ignoring the totality of what they could do with the channel. In order…

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2 weeks ago by Melanie White

Adestra’s Email Summit, LA: What a Day!

Last week, Adestra held its first North American Email Summit and what a day it was. Over 50 clients, partners and friends, gathered together in Santa Monica, LA’s Huntley Hotel, for a day of discussions, learnings and networking. The Email Summit was designed to facilitate discussion amongst clients and partners. Email marketers are hungry and…

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4 weeks ago by Ryan Phelan

Black Friday and beyond: Keep hope alive

We’re just a few days away from Black Friday, but I’m going to depart once again from sharing the usual collection of tips and tricks for top-performing holiday emails. If you haven’t locked down your Black Friday strategies by now, anything I tell you to do now probably won’t save you. Instead, I’d like to…

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2 months ago by Ryan Phelan

Progressive profiling: Why it’s a win-win for everyone

First-person marketing sees customers as individuals to whom brands must shape their messaging to ensure they’re meeting the person’s needs, interests and goals. Central to First-Person Marketing is this credo: “Know thy customer.” If you don’t know much about your customers, progressive profiling is an excellent way to gather it directly from the source —…

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2 months ago by Claire Barnes

Our 2017 email summit: First-Person Marketing at scale

It feels a little like the day after Christmas in our UK offices this afternoon. Not because we’ve been overindulging in leftover Christmas pudding in October, but because yesterday was the biggest EMEA event of the Adestra year: our Email Summit. From digital design strategy to personalization workshops, interactive panels, and industry experts discussing GDPR,…

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Adestra Email Summit 2017

2 months ago by Carmen Crespo Lopez

Next steps in your holiday planning

In previous posts, we have explained what email marketers should do when planning their email marketing strategy. Having followed this advice your lists are now ready, you have identified your winners, thought about your different segments, created a consistent strategy across channels, and tested your ideas. So, now you might be wondering: is there anything…

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3 months ago by Adestra

Our 3 key takeaways from TFM 2017

Whether you went to TFM (Technology for Marketing) or not, there are few things you may have missed from the UK’s martech-only event held at London Olympia… We attended on both days, chatting to interested marketers on our stand and sharing insights on email marketing strategies and trends. We also enjoyed exchanging thoughts with industry…

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First-Person Marketing

3 months ago by Alexandra Mocanu

Uses of SMS and push notifications you should implement

On December 3, 1992, Neil Papworth sent the first ever text message: it was dispatched from Neil’s computer to his phone and it read “Merry Christmas”. We have come a very long way since. According to online research, we send millions of messages every day – Nielson found that Americans exchange on average twice as…

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3 months ago by Melanie White

What’s really working in email marketing?

Is your email marketing best-in-class, or do you need to up your game? Adestra’s new Email Strategies for Success report will help you benchmark your efforts. We surveyed 85 marketers, both B2C and B2B, to help you understand their challenges, opportunities and successes in order to help you define your own strategy. We’ve also got some…

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email acquisition

3 months ago by Claire Barnes

Optimization, automation, and bacon rolls at our Breakfast Seminar

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Smashed avo on toast? Kale smoothie? A hasty croissant on your way into work? Here at Adestra we started our day with something a little more satisfying: a Breakfast Seminar in London featuring industry insights, expert speakers, and the opportunity for guests to demo our award-winning email…

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Adestra's Breakfast Seminar
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