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1 month ago by Matthew Elson

How to convert free event registrants to attendees

Ask any marketer what is one of their biggest challenges and they will probably say “content”. Why? Because creating content that is engaging, fresh, on brand and, perhaps most importantly, useful is very difficult. None more so than when what you are selling is a free event, including the topics discussed and the networking (loved…

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5 months ago by Katie Evans

Learn from retailers and make the most of abandoned basket re-targeting

The average cart abandonment rate stands at 66.8%. With this in mind, abandoned basket retargeting is a great strategy for encouraging buyers to return to their baskets and complete the purchase. This strategy has become widely used by retailers, proving very effective. However, capturing potentially lost sales needn’t be exclusive to retailers. Marketers from a broad spectrum of…

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1 year ago by Adestra

How email marketing can help cure an event marketer’s biggest fear

In the May issue of IAEE’s Newsline Dave Egan asks: “What if you held a show and nobody came?”. That is without doubt, the biggest fear of an event marketer. Wisely relying on the expertise of Wendy Holliday, VP of Attendee Acquisition & Experience with Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, Dave recounts Wendy’s tips: Watch out for…

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