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email reports

1 year ago by Ryan Phelan

Three useful tips for adding mobile KPIs to your executive reports

Most of the conversations that marketers have been having about mobile email revolve around the end product – does it look and function properly on a mobile device? It’s a crucial question, after all. Adestra’s own study of consumer adoption and attitudes around email found that readers will delete a message that doesn’t look right…

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mobile reporting

2 years ago by Adestra

How to identify and capitalize on your email conversions

Every email marketer wants their campaigns to perform well, whether that means getting a high open rate of your newsletter or more click-throughs to your website. This is all well and good, but what is the end goal? How do you measure if your campaigns are indeed a success? One useful metric of success is…

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3 years ago by Anca Staples

It’s not just marketers, consumers love email too!

The 2014 Email Census revealed that email marketing surpassed SEO for ROI, making it a much-loved channel for marketers. But a recent MarketingSherpa study revealed that consumers favor it too! In fact, only 18% of consumers’ emails are actually personal, and 53% are promotional. Consumers prefer to hear from companies via email Recent research by…

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3 years ago by Adestra

Marketer vs Machine: exploring marketers’ use of technology and automation

Marketing automation seems to be on everyone’s lips, but exactly how much have marketers adopted it? And how does it affect the way they build their marketing communication strategies? We surveyed 200 senior–level UK marketers from different sized companies, across a range of industries to find out. We anticipated two main camps of marketers; those…

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3 years ago by Adestra

The state of email marketing in four key industries – what have we learned?

We recently published the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census – Key Sector Report which looks at results in four sectors: Retail Publishing & Media Technology & Telecoms Charities/Government & Non-Profit We decided to share what we learned about each sector and the areas they could improve in. One important area of consideration is balancing the…

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4 years ago by Steve Denner

Real life wins: 3 innovative ways to use email reports

Make the most of your ESP investment by learning how to unlock the true potential of your email reports. Your ESP offers a host of functions to help boost your email marketing success rates. From  monitoring which times are best for sending out emails through to hardwiring your email reports directly into your CRM system,…

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