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data management

2 weeks ago by Anca Staples

More than ‘Hello’ – welcome emails that fuel First-Person Marketing

‘Subscription or sign-up to website’ is the most popular email trigger used by both in-house and agency marketers with 46 percent of them using it (2016 Email Census). Not surprising considering welcome emails are also the most opened campaign according to a study from MarketingSherpa. But while you can have a welcome email with the…

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3 months ago by Steve Denner

This year’s holiday data could be the key to better results in 2017

Data-driven campaigns focusing on the individual offer the most exciting marketing opportunity in 2017. By now, your holiday marketing programs are in full swing and hopefully you are enjoying a significant seasonal boost in revenue. Chances are you’re in the process of adding the finishing touches to next year’s strategy. But before you close the…

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7 months ago by Matt McGowan

Bigger investment in CRM leads to better email

Digital ad growth is slowing, while investment in customer relationship management (CRM) is growing. This makes total sense and points to further growth in email marketing. Last week, eMarketer reported on a couple of outside studies indicating that companies of all kinds are spending more on CRM – because it improves sales and customer service.…

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11 months ago by Adestra

The black hole of data – what to do when subscribers are in a rut

To quote the Lion King, it’s the circle of life. Or the lifecycle of customer engagement if you prefer email terminology. Every contact in your database is in a different stage of this lifecycle, whether a new subscriber who’s eager to learn more, or an older one that is very familiar and engaged with your brand.…

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11 months ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Deduplication or Dedupe

Deduplication eliminates duplicate copies of data. This is used in email marketing when importing, or gathering, new data to ensure that people who are already on your contact list are not added again. Why do I need to dedupe? Though quite a simple action, deduplication helps prevent sending multiple campaigns to the same contact, which…

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1 year ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: List Churn

Otherwise known as ‘attrition’ and ‘churn rate’, list churn is a percentage of subscribers that leave a list over a given period. There are two types of list churn: Transparent: these are people you are no longer able to email due to unsubscribes, hard bounces or spam complaints Opaque: this refers to people who aren’t…

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1 year ago by Sophie Jenkins

Five ways to make better use of your data

Data: are you doing it right? It would be nice if it was all about quantity and your only goal was signing up as many subscribers as possible. In reality, the way you maintain and use subscriber data makes all the difference. Read on to find out why. Lots of marketers aren’t getting the most…

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1 year ago by Ryan Phelan

Why preference centers don’t work – and how they could

Whenever people ask me if they should create preference centers I don’t say, “Yes, do it,” or “No, don’t bother.” Instead, I ask them, “How hard do you want to work?” The usual response is “Huh? How hard could it be? It’s just one page!” A preference center is only as important to your customers…

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