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conversion optimization

2 years ago by Adestra

How to identify and capitalize on your email conversions

Every email marketer wants their campaigns to perform well, whether that means getting a high open rate of your newsletter or more click-throughs to your website. This is all well and good, but what is the end goal? How do you measure if your campaigns are indeed a success? One useful metric of success is…

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3 years ago by Paul Dyke

Improving customer experience with Gmail’s Actions in the Inbox

A smooth user experience can make your customers appreciate your brand more. If you have a high proportion of Gmail users in your database, there’s some new technology that could make things easier: Actions in the Inbox. What if there was a way to increase conversion rates to your emails in a way that makes…

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4 years ago by Adestra

Adestra announces updates to MessageFocus Conversion Capture for optimized abandoned basket campaign performance

Encouraging basket abandoners to complete their online purchases can be challenging. Sometimes shoppers need a nudge. Conversion Capture from Adestra can help you win back valuable lost business. Quickly. Easily. Effectively. To increase abandoned basket email effectiveness even further, Adestra have released two new Conversion Capture feature updates: A/B split testing – Optimize your abandoned…

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