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click-through rates

3 weeks ago by John Stephenson

Inbox delivery is a popularity contest

When looking at email metrics, marketers are typically focused on those around performance: open rate, click rate, and total delivered. While these are very important stats to review, they don’t tell the whole story of your email program. What is wrong with current metrics? Email Service Providers (ESPs) like Adestra use activity such as opens, clicks,…

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mailbox- deliverabillity

8 months ago by Matt McGowan

How to build a robust marketing automation program

Marketing automation can mean many things. Today, many marketers send personalized emails based on triggers. The ultimate would be complete integration between the marketing automation platform, ad servers, first-party data and third-party data providers. Then, to complete things, an attribution model sitting above it that would include all those different touch points, allowing marketers to…

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marketing automation

9 months ago by Ryan Phelan

Three useful tips for adding mobile KPIs to your executive reports

Most of the conversations that marketers have been having about mobile email revolve around the end product – does it look and function properly on a mobile device? It’s a crucial question, after all. Adestra’s own study of consumer adoption and attitudes around email found that readers will delete a message that doesn’t look right…

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mobile reporting

1 year ago by Peter Rylands

Term of the Week: Email Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs stands for ‘key performance indicators’, they’re used to evaluate factors considered crucial to the success of an organisation or project. What email KPIs should I consider? Conversion: whether this is sales or sign-ups, conversions create interest and revenue. Having it as a KPI allows you to evaluate the success of your strategy and judge…

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3 years ago by Adestra

The four metrics every newsletter creator should measure

Can you calculate the ROI on newsletters as part of your email marketing strategy? Yes, with these four metrics, you really can. The email newsletter is often regarded as the poor sibling to a ‘proper’ sales email – the kind you send to prospects to see if they’re interested in a dialogue – because the motivation…

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3 years ago by Adestra

True or false: shorter subject lines will give you better results

There is much advice about subject lines out there – the key is to know what the trends are… and to see how they match up to your email marketing intuition. A study by Return Path found that open rates were 12.5% higher where subject lines contained less than 49 characters, compared to those that were…

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3 years ago by Steve Denner

Troubleshooter’s guide: why aren’t they clicking through?

Three proven tips to help improve click through rates on your future email marketing campaigns   Convincing would-be customers to click through your emails has always been a challenge for marketers. Getting your message into inboxes is relatively easy, but why aren’t your clients responding to your email marketing campaigns? First of all, you must…

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4 years ago by Adestra

The best time to send your email is…

This is a question we are frequently asked. “What time of day should I send my email?” “What day of the week will deliver the most response?” According to the Adestra and Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census 2013, only half of businesses (49%) are currently testing the time and day of their email messages. This…

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