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4 years ago by Jenna Binding

Simple tests to improve responses to your call-to-action

The call-to-action (CTA) is intended to encourage the recipient to take the next steps after reading your email. If you want your recipients to perform an action as a result of reading your emails, either to read the full article on your website, register for an event, or purchase a product, then the CTA is…

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4 years ago by Adestra

Want better results? Use best practice.

Something we’re really keen to promote here at Adestra is best practice email marketing. Our account management team are always on hand to discuss this with clients and make recommendations. If the phrase sounds familiar, no doubt you have already discussed this with one of us. If it doesn’t, you may be confused by what…

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4 years ago by Jennifer Watkiss

The myth of Big Data

Big Data is a big buzzword these days. Everyone wants to know how to leverage it to improve their marketing. Except, nine times out of ten, when someone asks how to leverage ‘Big Data,’ they really mean they want to analyse their existing dataset (which may be large, but not officially ‘Big Data’) to see…

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