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A/B testing

3 hours ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: A single campaign or a series?

This week’s testing tip is a challenge we find our clients face particularly when it comes to welcome communications. Is it better to have a single campaign or a series of emails welcoming new subscribers and customers? What to test A single welcome email with all the information new contacts need versus a series A…

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marketing automation

1 week ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: Using images in email

Email industry best practice recommends a 60/40 image-to-text ratio, not even including the text you overlay on images. What we’d like to challenge you on this week is the way you use those images… Alternative image placements A layout that has been popular in recent years is alternate images and text like in the example…

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Email design illustration

2 weeks ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: Intro or straight to the point?

The way subscribers react to content is a very individual thing. By all means read up on case studies and articles and arm yourself with as much industry knowledge as possible – just take it with a pinch of salt and always test your assumptions with your own subscribers rather than theoretical ones. Some email…

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3 weeks ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: The right time to send an email

When is the best time to send an email? You hopefully know by now that there is no magic bullet for this. If, say, 8pm on a Thursday starts working well and all marketers start using it, it will rapidly become the worst time to send. With subscribers opening more and more emails on mobile,…

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time to plan

4 weeks ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: Progress bars in automation programs

We live in an era of impatience. You’ve no doubt read that our attention span averages less than eight seconds, and is likely to decrease further as we continue to be flooded with information from more sources than ever before. So, how do you keep an always-on audience engaged? Our suggested testing tip this week…

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A progress bar will help your subscribers along their journey.

1 month ago by Adestra

Planning for the holidays? What email marketers should do now

OK, don’t hate me. You might not be ready to see any holiday emails yet (and neither are your customers!), but this is the time when most marketers are in the middle of their planning. You’ve probably already reviewed the holiday collection of products and approved which ones have made it to the final list.…

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Holiday email planning

1 month ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: Should you use a teaser email?

As a follow-up from last week’s testing tip, we wanted to delve a little deeper into the idea of using a teaser email to generate interest. Before you start generating ideas, have a think through the situations where this would be appropriate –  a new product launch, perhaps, or a new feature or upcoming event.…

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2 months ago by Adestra

Testing tip of the week: Intrigue vs detail

A question we are often asked is “how long should an email campaign be?” There are two possible answers to this question. If you’re talking about design, then you need to keep it under a size of 102KB to avoid Gmail clipping your emails. If you’re wondering about the actual space it takes up on…

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Email design illustration
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